Nodejs and Audio

August 02, 2021

Hello, I m Jurgo and I work as a node.js developer at Vonage. What I do there is this Conversation API. Sometimes I describe it as “an API for doing your own slack”.

Because of this product, sometimes I have to deal with audio. I found that audio is a very scary topic in the beginning, mainly because of the lack of documentation.

I m far from being an audio expert, but over the years I‘ve managed to make some working code using the few audio-related libraries you can find in NPM, so I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned in this series of articles.

This is gonna be our journey:

Lesson 1: enter the mic

Lesson 2: Ear your voice from your speakers

Lesson 3: Math and Music, baudio for the win

Lesson 4: Apply some audio effects to your voice

Lesson 5 Make a phone call to your laptop with Vonage API

Click here to go to the final Github repo with all the lessons

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My name is Jurgo Boemo. I'm a Node.js developer at Vonage. My team does the Conversation API, and I try to convince people it's a good idea. This is my tech blog.